Giving back to Community

Giving back to Community

The Santos Team is grateful for the support it receives back from the community, and Paul says giving back is vital.

“I guess that very strong connection to the community has helped us to survive so long as well” he said.

“We get a lot of people approaching us for support so we do that when we can. “Were a major sponsor of the Berri¬†Hockey Club” “We assist a lot of sporting clubs, netball and football clubs. Were pretty strong with the Riverland Speedway and go karts”

“All the local schools get sandpit and long jump sand for free from us and we have a very close tie with the Glossop High School. We sponsor some construction awards every year for them. Theres a very long list of things we support and sponsor”

” We help out boxer Ryan Goodes and state representatives for sport” “And then Dad used to be in Apex, so he did a lot of work with them and now helps out a lot with the Paddle Steamer Industry in Renmark”

“We still help out a lot of small groups like the Barmera RSL and currently we are helping them build a garden for the Vietnam Veterans.”

“You can’t always help everyone but we try to help as many people as we can.”

“When the Riverland isn’t at its most prosperous, sponsorship is even more important” says Paul.

“Being in the country, its hard when the area is not doing so well” he said. “It reduces the amount of sponsorship out there and because so many people need to travel to represent their¬†state for sport, that cost can be quite high for some people.”


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