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A Family Business

Paul Santos says Santos Ready Mixed Concrete’s proud history is always on his mind when making decisions about the company.
“With all the history and the fact Dad started it from nothing… that gives me the desire to keep it going,” he said.
“We’ve got 15 employees and their families who rely on us too because it is a very family-orientated business.
“Most of our guys have been with us for 10 to 15 years so there’s always that in the back of your mind.”

Paul says being a family business meant he felt responsible for upholding his family’s name, the business’ reputation in the Riverland and also supporting the community that has allowed Santos to grow.
“I think because we’ve always run it as a family business, rather than being geared to just making a profit, we’re more interested in creating a good atmosphere where our guys who work for us enjoy coming to work,” he said.
“Including the community and ‘putting back in’ is also important to us.
“Without the community we wouldn’t have a business.”
Running Santos Ready Mixed Concrete as a family business, but providing quality and the best technical service is key to its longevity in the region.
“It’s that whole family business style, but still being able to supply a good quality product and being capable of doing what city services offer,” says Paul.
“That’s one thing we pride ourselves upon.
“If big companies come out to the country they should be able to get the same service, if not better, with the same technical ability as what they can get in the city and that’s one thing we’ve always tried to do.
“I think being family-owned it gives us a bit more flexibility to give people more of a personal touch rather than some bigger companies.”

Source Murray Pioneer

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